South Mediterranean Welding Center for Education, Training and Quality Control - SM WELD


15.02.2016-18.02.2016 (Hammamet - Tunisia): Kick-off meeting, in which the partners presented their institutions or companies and the results obtained in the welding field. The Project Coordinator presented the SM WELD project implementation plan and objectives and organized cluster partners to streamline discussion of objectives and activities.

26.10.2016-28.10.2016 (Constantine - Algeria): 2nd transnational meeting, where issues related to the establishment of education, training and quality assurance centers in the field of welding were discussed, elaboration of masters programs in higher education institutions from Algeria and Tunisia according to the Bologna process, as well as students and academic mobilities aspects from Partner and European countries.

03.04.2017-06.04.2017 (Athens - Greece): 3rd transnational meeting, where topics related to the development of teaching materials used in welding education in South Mediterranean  countries, development and harmonization of curriculum content from Algeria and Tunisia and the adoption of  European / International Welding Engineer - IWE / EWE syllabus were discussed.

27.11.2017-29.11.2017 (Monastir - Tunisia): 4th transnational meeting and participation to the inauguration of the Center for Education, Training and Quality Assurance in Welding in Sfax - Tunisia, which took place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the day of 29th of November 2017. The project consortium partners as well as private industrial companies, active in the welding field, participated to the inauguration of the welding center.

28.01.2018-09.02.2018 (Constantine - Algeria): Staff mobility at Frères University Mentouri Constantine 1 of four members of "Dunarea de Jos" University in Galati, of which three are members of the Welding Association of Romania - ASR and teachers from the University of Coimbra - Portugal was achieved. During the mobility working meetings with the general managers of the Algerian industrial companies were done in order to elaborate and develop of case studies according to IWE / EWE training program.

01.05.2018-05.05.2018 (Coimbra - Portugal): 5th transnational meeting discussing issues related to the development, evaluation and accreditation of Algeria and Tunisia masters programs, presentation of the didactic materials developed within the project, accreditation of the Center for Education, Training and Quality Assurance in Welding in Tunisia as an IWE / EWE certification body (ANB), inaugurating a similar center in Algeria and organizing entrepreneurial workshops for SMEs involved in the project.

24.07.2018-28.07.2018 (Stockholm - Sweden): 6th transnational meeting within the Education and Training Cluster for academics and students from South-Mediterranean countries to increase knowledge and improve practical skills in welding through access to Open Educational Resources (OERs) developed within the project.

26.08.2018-29.08.2018 (Athens - Greece): 7th transnational meeting within the Quality Assurance Cluster, which aspects related to the quality evaluation of the results obtained during the SM WELD project implementation period were discussed.

22.09.2018-26.09.2018 (Alger - Algeria): work meeting organized by the Houarie Boumediene University of Science and Technology and inauguration of the Center for Education, Training and Quality Assurance in Welding in Algeria - Algeria.