The goals of the project are connected with:

  • evaluation of the maximum level of the strain and stress in pipelines sections using a cylindrical sample model;
  • development of FEA 3D original mathematical models for the heat transfer process analysis, when multiwires and multiarcs submerged welding of pipelines is applied. Due to the important influence on the mechanical and metallurgical properties of the welded joint, a deep investigation of the thermal field extent, heating and cooling speeds is compulsory;
  • conception of the original multiarc welding installation used for the longitudinal welded joints investigation of the pipelines sections;
  • comparative experimental research of the mechanical and metallurgical properties of the joints achieved by monoarc and multiarc welding in order to minimize the impact of the welding process on the strength, plasticity and structural changes of the parent materials;
  • improvement of the environment quality and working conditions for the operators from the energy sector by using welding consumables with reduced polluting effects and minimum impact on the environment;
  • optimization of multiarc welding technologies in order to achieve quality welded joints, free of defects, which lead to the decreasing of the possible accidents such as explosions, loss of gas and assure a sustainable development of the energy systems by increasing the security in natural gas providing.